landscape after the elections, the praise of the minister and the smell of facebook


after winning the majority by pc party for federal parliament, the most of citizens ran amuck without the ‘ ability of cooling for evaluating the politico-social landscape after the election. social demokratic  ndp, as the official opposition party is the major strength and I am not denying it, that we need a strong opposition against mr harper’s dictatorship aspirations and his controversial policy of limiting the authority of parliament, the maintenance of the role of establishment  and shrinking the role of canada on the international scene. not being involved  in the reflection on the complex relationship between pressure groups and centers of decision-making control I want to only warn  against too optimistic view  on  the evolution of the pc and already high expectations that mr. layton, as head of the newcomer in the role of official opposition will be firm on the costly over-shooting and stem rather from the frustrations stemming from the collapse of the liberal party under non-talent, clumsy mr ignatieff. We will live, we will see.

on the occasion I  thank mr J. for comments to my previous text. agree that the federal government does not meet serious expectations as to the challenges and risks modern world.

I leave this issue to the side to go to province ofalberta and express support for mr. thomas  łukaszuk, minister of immigration and employment, who acts  in a methodical way and ambitious attempt to improve the image of the employer-employee relationship, raise the standards of employee conduct, prevent the high costs of accidents at industrial environment. in the background, although the present situation of the health service and failed and very costly experiments forced  by the government, the provincial minister’s activities  are cautious   and investing in the right direction projects (increasing the number of labour inspectors, emphasis on training and ethics of work and cooperation with employers) are in confidence and may be trustful.

the popularity of mr lukaszuk among polonia means  not only a presence on major meetings and general meetings of the poles but also, and above all, the interest for his activities in the government of alberta for the common good.

since I touched polonia, I can’t not noted that the polish culture society has, more recently, the account on facebook. I discovered there a message for a survey of the role of smell and its attractiveness among different cultures and sexes.( an exploration into the roles of odour and attraction across culture and gender). an author of it is a student last year on the nottingham trent university psychology-megan michael. I wonder  your response on this topic.

the smell of the impending forty anniversary of pcs  next time. Jan


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