Highlights From “Crèche At Wawel” (Szopka Na Wawelu)

First time in Edmonton “Crèche at Wawel” (Szopka na Wawelu) with production entitled “Polish Bethlehem” by Lucjan Rydel was organized by the board of Polish Cultural Society and took a place January 11th, 2009 at Club Wawel located in Edmonton, AB, 17515-127 Street.
The event from preparation of dinner, serving, to performing was done by members of the Board and volunteers. Two acts of the production “Herod” and “Shepherds” of “Polish Bethlehem” by Lucjan Rydel were performed.
Culmination of this very exciting evening was caroling by all guest and participants.

This holiday evening brought lots fun, laughter and pleasure to the audience as well as to the organizers. Event, beyond a doubt was another big success for all of us: volunteers, donors, sponsors, performers, public and organizers.
Thank you all who put such effort into bringing success and unforgettable memories to this event.

“Ladies and Gentleman,
I just wanted everyone to know that the feedback from this event has been stellar. Everyone should be congratulated for the effort.”
Darek (Bochinski)

Sponsors: Soft Touch Dentistry (Elizabeth Opara)

Coordinators: Grazyna Sobieraj and Elzbieta Sikorski

Actors: Joanna Wolk, Pawel Kaleta, Piotr Rajski, Danuta Rajski, Malgorzata Stasiak, Bruno Stasiak, Grazyna Sobieraj, Jan Mamos, Joanna Ciapka-Sangster, Michal Stolarz, Jacek Sobieraj, Ela Sikorski, Ava Zeidler, Ela Sawicka

Dinner: Celina Kopcinski, Lucyna Faferek, Barbara Sumbar, Joanna Ciapka-Sangster, Zofia Zalucki, Ela Sawicka, Elzbieta Sikorski, Grazyna Sobieraj

Artistic Directors: Grazyna Sobieraj and Jan Mamos

Musicians: Joanna Ciapka-Sangster, Michal Stolarz, Jacek Sobieraj, Grazyna Sobieraj

Guests: Members of “Choir Polonia “ (Danuta and Piotr Rajski, Malgorzata and Bruno Stasiak)

Technician: Piotr Sobera

Visuals & Graphic Design: Felix Plawski

Recording: Jacek Sobieraj

Costumes: Ava Zeidler, Polish Folk Dance Ensemble “Polonez”


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