Slaing The Soviet beast- new book by Zbigniew Wojcik

Slaying the Soviet Beast: A True Story about How the Cold War was Won. What Next?

Zbigniew Wojcik

Wojcik conveys the incredible true story of how he discovered and delivered information that overcame the Soviet Bloc. He learned the value of information as a student striving to survive under the communist system. Invited to the United States in 1986 by a university in Wichita, Kansas, Wojcik took the position of Visiting Professor. His wife and children were forced to remain hostage in Warsaw, while Soviet spies watched his every move in the US. In the meantime, American Intelligence received Wojcik’s clues and applied them appropriately, transforming the course of history. After the Soviet Bloc collapsed, strong progressive movements appeared in the West, as former Soviet agents spread throughout Europe and the United States, freed from their roles in the Eastern Bloc. They were later followed by mass invasions of immigrants to the West. Wojcik’s Ph.D. and unique expertise lies in the realm of Pattern Recognition. As in his professional research, he now recognizes distinctive political patterns in the US reminiscent of those which existed in the former Soviet Bloc. Unfortunately, these trends could lead to an enormous communist threat against hundreds of millions of people.

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