Play for Children: “Every Dragon Knows The Story”

“Every dragon knows the story” –

play for children, written by Izabela Degorska.

The play is presented by King Matt Theater – division  of Polish Theater from Vancouver.



Play tells the story of Hieronymus, a small dragon who lives with his mother in a cave in the woods. Outside the cave is a very interesting world, but Hieronymus is too small to go into the forest alone. His mother teaches him that in order to go into the world and manage life with enemies and dangers, he must grow up and learn to how to breathe fire. A gnome comes to him who wants to take their treasures from the cave. The gnome tells Hieronymus that he is already big enough to leave the cave- so he ventures out. In the forest he meets witches, knights, a woodcutter and a wise old tree, which teaches him that nothing grows and matures in an instant, only fear. Through various adventures and meetings with wise characters, Hieronymus helps undo a spell, save the old wise tree and finally learns to breathe fire on his own.

Admission free. Parents are very welcome.



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